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Originally Posted by Philip
... Very good replicas indeed!...

Although a bit puzzling, Philip.
According to studies made, and also some rare phisical evidence, moulds were made of clay (terracota) as per fragments found both in Phanagoria (now in the Hermitage) and Olynthos, this one made out of an amphora handle. In any case, the example i posted was not made by pouring lead into such bivalve moulds but by hammer beating portions of lead plate.

Originally Posted by Philip
...Attaining accuracy with a sling is undoubtedly a good way to develop hand-eye coordination. This sort of exercise might just be the thing to get children off the couch and away from electronics on a sunny weekend More appealing than piano lessons, don't you think?...

You are not kiding. After consistent period chronicles, the inhabitants of the Baleares Islands (Maiorca, Ibiza, etc), were massively mercenaries which weapon consisted in sling shot, having being recruited by Greeks and Romans to serve in their military formations. They were said to be the best and, the secret was teaching this art to their children by only giving them food when they managed to hit it with their slings at a distance varying as per their age. Actually the name Baleares comes from the latin Baliarides, because their inhatitants were skilled in 'throwing stones with slings'.

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