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Yup, that's "Gotlandshuggaren", the m/1810. As for the identification as cutlass, that's pretty much just the most direct translation of the Swedish designation (huggare). The pommel, as far as I know, is unique amongst Swedish models.

Expanding a bit on the "odd Swedish things" with possible oriental roots-theme, an officer named Hafström designed a few different models for the Swedish army and Navy in the 19th century (adopted models range from 1838 to 1885 that I know of) with a "half-leafblade" design which seems pretty unique as far as European 19th century blades go, or at least as far as I've seen. has anyone seen anything else like them in Europe around that time? Any ideas what might have inspired him?

The pictures shows the army's "Fascine knife" m/1848 (replaced the "cutlass" as the standard infantry sidearm IIRC), and a mid-century saber which I've seen attributed both to Stockholm's city militia, and Stockholm's police.
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