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Gonezalo, good post, and I agree that it is, at best, a very complex subject to discus.

The link you give is a good one, and it makes me wonder why/how such a connection started and was kept, between Nepal and Bengal – far apart, but still very close, which is most interesting.

I don’t believe that all koras with the ‘eye’ were used for sacrifice, but my knowledge on kores is not very big, so I better not start a discussion on this subject. However the ‘eye’ was used in several other ways, on stupas, on boats and so, so I believe that it was used fairly widely, and maybe had more than one meaning.

Arjan, thank you for the title and the quote. It is, like I said, the first time I have seen the umbrella and the tree of life connected, but if they are connected, like the author says, this gives the subject a new dimension. Besides, I think the knowledge most of us have on this subject lacks a lot of knowledge and understanding – which is hard to find/get, unless you look very hard for it.

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