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Hi Rand,

Interesting knife you show, an umbrella looking like this, is also on the kard made of meteoric iron – if I am not mistaken. Weapons with the umbrella mark are, I think, mostly thought of being used only by the royals. I have however seen a sword, which could have belonged at a royal, but to which was attached a metal label, stating, “Taken from a eunuch of the king of Oudh at the capture of the Imambara [March 14th 1858], by Col. Annesley, COMDG. 10th Regt.”

So it seems as if others than the royals could use these weapons, or maybe the eunuch was a lifeguard, and that was the reason why he fought with a sword marked with an umbrella.

Hi Arjan,

Thank you for joining. In the very early days the Hindu’s had colonies on many of the islands in the area; they are even said to have had a colony in China, so there must have been a strong Hindu influence. It is interesting what you write about the connection between the umbrella and the tree of life, as it is the first time I have heard this. I have earlier read about a connection between the tree of life end the kundalini flame, but only in one or two places. The mid rib on katars is sometimes made like a slim tree, mostly said to be cypress, but I have also seen it described like the tree of life.

Where did you find the connection between the umbrella and the tree of life?

Yes I think the ‘eye motif’, was used for protection against ‘the evil eye’.

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