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Default Umbrella & metaphor attributing to a shah

This dagger with umbbrella is exhibited in "Splendeurs des Arns Orientales", page 93 and dates 1620-1630. In its description it is labeled as having a gold imperial umbrella mark.

Of interest it further states that it is inscribed "Sahibqiran-i Thani", which tells us it belonged to Shah Jahan, who known throughout his life as "Second Lord of the Conjunction", the first having been his forebearer.

Is interesting that this is an example of a metaphor being using to determine ownership, as particularly farsi was spoken more as poem the use of metaphors was commen and a compilation of these would become most useful to someone looking for clues for ownership. Mention farsi because of its use in the Mughal court.

Unfortunately there is no reference for why the umbrella is an imperial mark.

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