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Originally Posted by ariel
Interesting twist on the story.
However, it is my understanding that Armenian and Georgian Kurds engaged mainly in agriculture and menial jobs such as porters.

Among the peoples of Transcaucasia, the Kurds were known as desperate robbers of trade caravans and cattle abductors.
However, this does not contradict the fact that part of the Kurds served as gatekeepers. Similarly, in modern India, the Gurkhas serve. But these are those who were unable to enlist in the Army or private military companies.
Originally Posted by ariel
The list of Caucasian armorers in Astvatsaturyan’s books does not include obvious Kurdish names and does not mention their involvement in the production of weapons.

I think that customer preferences affect the fashion and style of weapons more than the ethnic origin of gunsmiths. For example, the Armenian gunsmiths living in Tiflis worked perfectly in both the Caucasian and European styles.
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