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Originally Posted by Athanase
Unfortunately it doesn't have a sheath but I would have liked to know if it was possible to have an idea of its origin because I would like to find a compatible sheath.
These are the pictures of the auction room, because I haven't received it yet.

I think more unfortunate than the missing hilt is the broken ivory hilt. It would seem it is being held together by the rubber band. Since you make no mention of this i do hope it is something that you noticed before buying.
It is a beautiful hilt though and probably deserving of some professional repair if you have access to someone who does such work on antique ivory. I'n not convinced it is East Jawa giving the motifs, but i don't know for sure. Marco mentions the pendok. I'm sure he meant pendokok, since obviously there is no sheath to have a pendok here. I would more call this a selut than a pendokok though and i don't think it comes from Sumatra.
How long is this blade btw?
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