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Originally Posted by Ian
Hello Xas,

Thank you for posting your excellent examples of recently made Ilokano knives, and for their nomenclature. Very useful information.

As far as 5160 steel and it being referred to as "moly," that term would imply the presence of molybdenum (Mo) in the alloy, but 5160 does not contain molybdenum. Here is a brief description of 5160 steel provided by the Continental Steel and Tube Company, which includes the specification for the components of that steel:

The amount of chromium (Cr) is too low for this to be considered stainless steel.


Hello Ian!

Yup I'm aware it does not contain Mo =) 'molye' is a term commonly used in PH which refers to a specific automotive part- if you do a quick Google search it'll point you to that part, which is rich in leaf spring steel.
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