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"Bottle brushes", "tube brushes", "pipe brushes", "bore brushes" and "pipe fitting brushes" are available in assorted diameters, often sold as a set containing several brushes varying in diameter from 1/4"-3/4" with 4" long bristle section and about 12" length O/A. Usually available with brass or steel bristles, they can be found at many auto repair and hardware stores. The brass bristles easily bend out of shape and stay that way; they haven't been as useful to me as steel ones. Be aware, in areas/countries which are not particularly "firearm friendly", the words "bore" and "calibre" may set off red flags and cause all sorts of life-disrupting problems you never imagined you could have. Don't mention .17 or .22 calibre, any decimal millimetres, or "gun cleaning brushes" and you'll likely be safe. I've had success with using broken coping saw blades (with teeth reversed, like a 'Japanese pull saw') to pull out tiny bits of wood stuck inside things; for cleaning out the bottom of a pendok, it might help to stick it (the broken coping saw blade) into the end of a 3/8" diameter metal tube (such as the grease tubes sometimes found on large industrial electric motors) and squeeze/flatten that around the saw blade to make an extension. If one is able to somehow gain access to the scrap bins and "short end racks" usually found behind machine shops, auto wreckers, electric motor repair shops, rail yards, the trades department at the local college, etc. these can be a bonanza from far beyond the wildest dreams of the do-it-yourself enthusiast, with all kinds of materials for projects you'd never imagined until you found the stuff to make them.
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