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Originally Posted by rand

You have a very nice sword that is also in great condition. Have you pondered removing the shellack from the ivory, it could make a very dramatic difference. Have had two pieces in the past that were covered with shellack, coincidently both were from india. And both looked much better after the shellack was taken off.

Also would like to comment on the scabbard. Would think the officer who commissioned this would have had a scabbard with a double hanger in the British 1822 style. Also believe judging from the quality of the sword its scabbard would have been of a higher dress quality equal to the sword.

Really like your sword, the well carved ivory handle along with nicely etched wootz blade topped off with the gold koftgari is a win, win,win.


Knowing how finicky you are, Mr. Milam, about the quality of weapons and the high standards you have for your own collection: I consider your comments to be a great compliment and they will make me treasure this sabre even more.

Here is another example from my collection - an Indian Pesh Kabz with a carved ivory handle. The rivets holding the scaled together having been driven through the center of the carved flowers.
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