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Default Carved ivory handles on Indian edged weapons

As this is my first post, at the outset, I must introduce myself. I was born and raised in India but currently reside in the US. I am a descendent of Sikh warriors who were renowned for their sword fighting skills and I cut people daily for a living (as a surgeon); hence my interest in edged weapons.

I have followed this forum for the last few years and have been much impressed by the percipient Rand Milam, the insightful Jens Nordlunde, the erudite Oliver Pinchot, the contentious but always entertaining Ariel Barkan, the resourceful Ibrahiim al Balooshi, and the sagacious Jim McDougall. May they long continue to enlighten us in this our shared passion.

Carved ivory handles are quite common on Persian edged weapons but I have come across several interesting Indian swords and daggers with intricately sculpted handles.

Rober Hales in his gorgeous book Islamic and Oriental Arms and Armour: A Lifetime’s Passion illustrates several beautiful handles and has one right on the cover.

Here are some examples from the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Prince of Wales Museum in Bombay, Oriental Arms, and my personal collection.
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