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Thank you very much for the kind reviews.

We all discuss/write about a subject from the level where we are at the moment, and so have I. Maybe in five or ten years, if I live that long, I would write some of the texts differently, but I do hope the texts can be read, and understood, by someone on different levels - that was the intention.
If you knowledge is not yet so big, you can read the text, look at the pictures, and say, 'so, that is what a Deccani tulwar looked like, could have looked like, at the time'. If your knowledge is bigger, you may find hints in the texts, which others may not see. Hints, which hopefully will make you take up the challange, and start your own research.

To research Indian weapons can be relatively easy, or it can be very hard work, depending on how deep you will take your research, but when you find bits and pieces the reward is big.

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