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Originally Posted by Battara
Not necessarily thinking of a particular place since the Bugis were nomads and are all over.

An interesting point to note. In my discussion with friends with Buginese backgrounds in I'sia, M'sia & S'pore, I have been made aware of a particular Buginese philosophy that accounts for their well known "meddling". If it is not already known here... allow me to share.

The Bugis of the past revered the application of 3 "senjatas" or "weapons". This consist of the Tongue, the Penis & the Keris. ie what is meant here is that wherever the Bugis man finds himself to be, he should apply the use of persuasion and influence, symbolised by the tongue, the sealing of familial ties, symbolised by the penis and the application judicial and non gratuitous force of arms, the Keris, to insinuate himself in and amongst the indigenous culture that he finds himself in. This is admitedly anecdotal as I have not got around to actually making any research on written references. But its still quite an interesting recurring theme amongst descendants of the Buginese today I gather...

Thus the Bugis influence in the region through his political, military and other socio-cultural actions are seen to this day in much of the Nusantara region. As an example of this, many a royalty of the Malay peninsula has prominent Bugis lineage amongst them. This of couse translates in the prominence of the Bugis form in Keris making in the region too.

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