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Henk, Kai,
First of all many thanks to you both for your input on this piece, the following is from hands on observation rather than any prior knowledge of Rencong of which sadly I have none. Kai I think there is no doubt that this is not the epitome of the Rencong makers art, but I do think if a piece was made as a wedding object in some respects it would be better executed that this knife. I don't know about Rencong but Dirks and Swords made for weddings here tend to be elaborately made with much attention to detail rather than the well made but more workmanlike needs of a working knife. This piece has without a doubt been sharpened on many occasions not the kind of thing one does to the one and only wedding knife. Although I have not handled any Rencong I have handled many 17th 18th 19th and 20th Century pieces from many cultures and one tends to get a feel if something is more recently made and I don't get this feeling from this piece. Having said all this the finer points of Rencong I will have to leave to others.
Henk, which language is this and where do I get a translation, after all it might say 'Emergency divorce tool'.
My Regards,
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