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Default Related to Austrian Grenadier 1765 saber model

I got this thing recently thinking it could be Spanish from the Napoleonic wars.

After searching a bit I found out that the hilt and grip probably comes from an Austrian grenadier 1765/1777 saber. Blade has a British outlook, possibly flank officer like.

There are no marks anywhere.

I will be sending this thing back to the seller. I am not even sure it is not an old (30+ years) repro. Brass has been buffed and painted with varnish, and where this remains the aspect is quite repro-like. Blade is too free from dings and corrosion, although it is well done and very sharp. Tang button seems fresh. Weight is around 800grams.

Some other countries like Sardinia used also this model of hilt, but I have found no example with this sort of blade.

Any suggestion is welcome.
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