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From the Netherlands for you all: the best wishes and a good health,
and that our knowledge may grow

about regional terminology I have no information, we only use the standard names.
But maybe someone is interested in the symbolic meaning of the parts

1. Agkup -means submitting and devoting to God
2. Janggut -means bearer must feel strong faith towards God
3. Latha -means dirt on the forehead
4. Gandar- means the bearer is destined for himself
5. Gandek -means the waiting for Divinity
6. Godhong -means two uniting souls, People and government should agree with each other
7. Ri cangkring -symbolizes Elbows
8. Ukiran (Hilt) -means God is mightier than all
9. Warangka- means Eternal Life
10. Mendak- means bearer must be humble
11. Selut Keris Ring
12. Pendok -means Etiquettes
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