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Originally Posted by kai
For pre-Qajar shamshir, I thumbed through Manouchehr's "Arms and Armor from Iran" and the COP seems to center at about 11 inches (from sword tip) within a fairly narrow range of approx. +/- 1 inch (regardless of curvature and not correcting for differences in total sword length).

I can't tell for sure from the description whether he gives the centre of percussion (i.e., the centre of percussion as defined by all non-sword people) or the closest-to-the-tip node of vibration (which is often called the COP by sword people).

Footnote 51, pg 138:
COP (center of percussion) is the point where the saber has its highest cutting power. To measure this point, one holds the grip of the sword or saber in his right hand. Then, a strike is given by the palm of the left hand to the right hand, which is holding the saber. The blade needs to be carefully watched. The COP is the center or place of the blade that has the least vibration.

The key to what is actually measured is that last word, "vibration". I think the measurement is a measurement of the node of vibration, but I'm not certain.
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