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Default 1845 Staff Officers Sword Northamptonshire Regt.

Just received this hidden gem an 1845 Staff Officer sword that was quite oxidized and grubby.
Etched with Capt T. E. Compton D.A.A.G. Hobson & Sons 1-3 & 5 Lexington Street London W. The brass scabbard drag is worn flat exhibiting a tiny hole. Overall in excellent condition with original leather blade washer, 31" x 1" blade with very good etching and no nicks.
Only some of the grip wire required a touch of glue since the wire had a couple breaks.
Captain T.E. Compton, later major 1st Btn Northamptonshire regt.
Served with the 58th regt in the Zulu War 1879, present at engagement of
Ulundi (medal with clasp).
Served in the Boer War 1880-1881 and commanded a detachment of a company in the 58th regt in the defence of Standerton (mentioned in dispatches).
Served in the North West Frontier campaign under Sir William Lock in 1897-1898 1st Btn Northamptonshire Regt. with the Tirah expeditionary force and was present at the capture of Sampagha and Arhanga Passes and the reconnaissance of the Saran Sar (medal with three clasps)
Retired 24 march 1903.
He wrote for the RUSI journals during WW1 and afterwards until his death in 1923. Buried in Les Gonards cemetery Versailles Paris France.

seems I have to shrink all the photos before they will post!!
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