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Here I try to attach 3 pictures of different style of maduranese warangka.

First warangka’s style is called ladrangan Nongko , because sampir shape was taken from daun pohon nangka’s shape (Jackfruit’s leaf).

Second warangka’s style is called ladrangan sukun , taken from daun sukun’s shape (Artocarpus communis leaf).

3th, Warangka’s style is called “Lanbulanan”, taken from shape of bulan sabit (Half moon).

First and second pictures, shown Janggelan hilt.

Janggelan is taken from the shape of “Ampas buah Jagung” (inside of corn fruit that has been take out all of the corn’s seed), oh…sorry for my English for the last explanation about “Corn”, because difficult word for "Ampas Jagung" to find in English dictionary.
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