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First of all, thnk you all for your analysis!

Just from the feel Mr David, Mr Jean and Mr Maisey, the handle was not original to this keris. Problem is that it is a heirloom, the fact that paman Eugene had this in his hands, and his mother and his grandfather, what makes it impossible to change the grip...
For me it even adds something to the story!

For as far as i have heard this grip was on there since the 1910 1925.
The grip could be changed before that, when given to the grandfather, for what ever reason.

Grip is called deder Kagok, with a link to probably Jawa timor,
Pendok of suasa bubul, >8k.
wranka and keris old, looks Jogya, i thought begin 19th century.
Paintings unknown....

Mr Jean, you are correct, Semar with the cucung....i"ll post a picture of the one i have.

If there is annyone who got a suggestion about the pamor, plaese add...
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