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I must admit I have remiss in not commenting on these magnificent photos Iain has shared here as from the outset I seem to have experienced the 'Stendahl thing'!!! (=Stendahls syndrome, being overwhelmed by exposure to overpowering doses of fantastic art).
It is amazing to experience the weapons and objects we study here effectively in 'real time', almost as if via time machine. Thank you Iain, and everybody here who has continued this most valuable thread. I honestly hope it keeps going, kinda like a movie you dont want to end

I find the mail armor of the Sudan interesting, and that so many observers from the time of these expeditions perceived much of it as 'from the crusades'. Hopefully they meant 'of the type' rather than actual remnants of that time. During the Mahdiyya there was a considerable number of coats of mail produced in Birmingham for the Khedive of Egypts forces. To the dismay of the Khedives 'iron men' the armor proved disastrous when hit by bullets and the rings shattered and greatly worsened the wounding power.

Regarding the quilted armor, it is interesting about the potential for fire from fire arrows, and carrying the water to douse flaming warriors. I had heard of this in the use of padded armor in the Spanish southwest as well.

Please keep this thread going guys!!!!

All the best,
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