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Thanks Charles!

Time for the next batch. A bit of an eclectic grouping this time.

EDIT: Photo order messed up again. Should be fairly obvious though from what's on the cards I hope.

First, a Tuareg attack posed for the camera.

Second Mandingo riders in the region of Segon (can't seem to find exactly where that is now).

Third heavy knights in padded armor in Niger. I believe this is originally from a 1926 National Geographic trip around Niamey.

Fourth, a truly excellent French Colonial image with French posing with foot soldiers with lances and mounted knights. Notice the Tuareg style hide shield. The men are from the Zarma, a Songhai people. They founded the Dosso kingdom in 1750 and led much of the resistance to the expanding power of Sokoto in the 1800s.

Fifth, an incredible image from the highland grasslands of Cameroon showing an un identified ethnic group (anyone have any clues based on the clothing? Maybe Tikar?). The one man is holding a brass hilted wide bladed takouba. These swords certainly got around!

Sixth, a Mossi warrior from the Hombori region.
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