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Originally Posted by Montagnard
At first, I thought it would be a typical tourist dagger...

But now I think it might be an original?

From the pics above I would say that it fits to the Damaskus style, see the three stars on the blade. Anybody out there who can help in translating/explaning the engraving?

Any comments regarding its origin, inscription and age would be highly welcome


Whether it is original or not is a matter of opinion. Is a mass produced dagger made in Syrian design and in Syria an authentic representation of historic Syrian daggers? it is up to you to decide.

Those daggers are made with plastic hilts and sometimes synthetic MoP with brass and etched sheet steel blades. They look not so different compared to the older ones except in quality and in fine details. Older blades are high quality with some having complicated fullering.

Yours is no different from pieces mass produced in the 2000's, they could be commonly found in antique shops around the Arab world.

Majdalis from the early 20th century are generally of high quality for what they are.
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