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Originally Posted by ariel
Two and a half years ago, I posted here a real sword with identical handle. Then, it did not attract any attention.
Perhaps, it can add something to the present discussion.

Hi Ariel,

It appears to be a standard (size and shape) 'Damascus' type dagger hilt mounted to a sword blade. Rather than some specific sword variation of that type.
There seem to be no adaptations or even concessions to the longer blade, even though Syrian swords are often Shamshir type (with guards) and the blade is a sabre which presumably had a guard of familiar type.
Also of course the blade is a 'foreign' sabre and not a Syrian blade (like those in the daggers).
The scabbard mounts are a mixture of the usual kind of 'shamshir' scabbard hangers and crude throat/chape that follow the general construction of those scabbards seen on the daggers.

So, I'd guess that this is a genuine period hybrid rather than a recognised tpye. An atypical re-using of a sabre blade by local craftsmen.
I'd guess at a date of between the wars.

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