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Hi Stu.

Congratulations. Nice find. As mentioned, this one seems to have been made in a more "utilitarian" manner. Simply meaning less decoration than usually seen like the ones posted by Corrado. And as Philip mentioned, it has a typical patilla style miquelet lock. Perhaps the owner of this piece already had access to the lock and was also on a more restricted budget (?) Just speculating.
But the profile, decoration, trigger guard, etc. are all similar to others. It's hard to believe that this very paticular style of gun came from one little island. And as Philip mentions, a real mix of styles and cultures.

Philip and Corrado: Thanks very much for the explainations. I really was not that familiar with the guns history.

Stu: That missing brass piece on the right side of the stock should be easy to replace since you have an identical piece on the left side. Especially if you know an engraver in your area. It's so much easier to duplicate when you have an original physical piece to work from. Strange that it is missing with all those tiny brass nails that were holding it in place. Does not look like it was broke off. Just removed for some reason. Curious.

Anyway, it's a great looking piece and appears in good condition. And an interesting variation of what you normally encounter. I like it.

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