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Originally Posted by Atlantia
...snip... I know some other forumites have some very fine examples.
Hi ...
my truth, which is not necessarily "THE" truth
concerning Syria (without Jordan or Israel)

it seems (?) that there are three different productions,
two ... nearly similar
- Magdali - Druze production from "Majdal Shams" (Tower of the sun) - Golan
- Damascus production

the third one, is for the Palestinian, an Bedouin Jordan market, .. more specific

the "Magdali's" is characterized by an hilt flatter, and less decorated
but with some poems (?) engraved on the blade, close to the hilt
I never got a chance to know what is writing, translation resist to all translators

- Damascus production, the hilt is carved in a more elaborated way
the blade is often with colored inserts dots or engraving stars 3 or more
red, black green, recalling the national colors,
it also has two or three gorges along its length,and has sometimes light engraving

as far as I know, the hilt are constituted of ;
- rings made from goats horn
- rings made from bone
- rings made by copper, or brass, could be by silvery
- sometimes inclusion of coral, mother of pearls
- sometime a date (one with me is dated 1923 Gregorian in Arabic characters ...)

that's what my friend "Rimon" told me and teach me
he is furbisher in Islamic edged weapons, and established in ... Damascus - Syria
all the best


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