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Even though this is a mid- to late-20th C piece, it is well made and in the traditional Maranao style (except for the kakatua pommel which is a modern interpretation). The decorated silver grip is nicely engraved with okir and the two silver asang asang are also well done. The blade looks second half of the 20th C to me. The "peaks" of the waves are quite pointed, but the luk have been forged, I think, rather than created by stock removal (see Cato on this feature, and his term "graceless luk"). This pointy feature suggests manufacture post-1930. The scabbard is traditional Maranao work.

I'm interested in this sword because I have a similar one in typical Sulu dress. If you would like to post another full length picture of yours out of its scabbard, perhaps taken outside in bright shaded light and on the blue background, I will post a picture of mine for comparison and I think we will see some key differences in Maranao and Sulu styles of kris/kalis from the second half of the 20th C.
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