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Ian, Lee and Jose’s perspective is valuable. We often assume that “ not pretty” is a sign of “not authentic”, or worse, - “not worthy”. In any fighting sword it was the blade that counted first and foremost. Handles reflected ethnicity of the object , fighting style and financial state of the owner.Elaborate and richly decorated handles were only rarely intended for the battlefield, and often lack historical significance. Not for nothing did Elgood noticed that Indian swords from the V&A collection assembled early have incompatible handles and blades, whereas in Wallace collection, assembled after ~1870 they are perfectly contemporaneous betraying their late court manufacture.The al Sabah collection is in fact a collection of late rich and beautiful jewellery.
That being said, everything depends on the wishes and preferences of the collector. Some go for the historical significance and practical authenticity, other go for the esthetic impact. To each his own.

Lee’s “how I like them” sums it up.
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