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Default A keris for comment

I have recently bought this piece, an average piece. This is what I was told about this keris.

A keris of Southern Sumatran, Bugis Riau provenance. Handle is the typical Bugis kerdas style, made of ivory, and fitted with a repoussed silver pendoko.

Top sheath (or sampir in Malay) is made of kemuning woods. Bottom stem (or batang in Malay), is wood and fully encased with finely repoussed silver. Different motifs at the front and back.

Blade has 11 luks, well executed and deep perabots which includes the kembang kacang nguku bima. Pamor patterns are arranged in the mlumah technique and are called pamor Banyu Tretes, (or dripping water).
It is said to enhance the owner's material well being as well as a protective pamor.
I was told, the blade should go back to late 18th century with a late 19th century fittings.

The blade had recently gone through traditional cleaning ritual. It was blackish before cleaning. Now it's more whitish.
Let me know your opinions on this piece.
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