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Originally Posted by Dajak
Can I see other side off the blade it does not look like Iban.

Scabbard looks like North Borneo .

Hi Ben, the other side of the blade is exactly the same decorated. So no difference!

PS what makes you think the scabbard is north Borneo? Is it the carving at the top?

Originally Posted by Atlantia
I just wanted to say what an attractive piece this is, and ask if there is a special significance to the groups of copper dots on the blade?
Hi Gene, the copper dots are common on borneo blades. I think it is just more decoration or maybe to give some spiritual strength or protection to the owner. But these kinds of dots are unlikely to be the numbers of heads that went off with it if that is what you mean.

Originally Posted by asomotif
Nice sword Maurice !
Good pictures too
Hi Willem, I will sent you the provenance of my new camera!
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