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Hi Jasper,

I have just been preparing a thread on this item because there is an unbelievable story to it, and I, too, was involved in heavy action three years before that sale.

I have known that barrel since 1971 when I was at the age of 17, and well on my way - I had set my mind on earliest firearms by that time already, and possessed more than 90 books on the matter, most of them written in English (U.S. English has always been both a love and a hobby of mine) which, of course, have been in my library ever since then, for almost half a century ...

I will post all the information later on anyway.

It will all make your eyes widen!!!

Before I will set off I'm asking you your opinion as to the exact stylistic/formal dating of this piece - on the basis of my threads, especially the one on dating earliest barrels.

What do you think, and on what reasons?

That would be most interesting to me to learn.

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