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Two fine and rare Nürnberg made flasks.

The first of hemispheric shape and often associated with those used by the Trabanten-Leibgarde of the Electors of Saxony, ca. 1590-1600, and the embossed and gilt lion leads charcateristic of the Saxon style.
The second of very rare type and highly unususal in its flat, symmetrically figured form, also often termed "Saxon, ca. 1600". This specimen, dated 1570, proves the author's thesis that those powder containers shaped like leather frogs for caliverman's flasks actually are older than most experts used to think.

For comparison, photos of two very rare leather frogs in The Michael Trömner Collection and another, together with a Saxon caliverman's flask, are added.


The images of the flasks from Pinterest, the photos of the leather frogs copyrighted by the author.
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