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Yes, takoubas are in use - as a part of national costume.... The scabbard itself, the leather part, is "old". I think I can say this as I saw production of "new" scabbards in that region ago.

Re. the fittings I donīt know.

But it is questionable, as far as African artefacts generally are concerned, what to consider "old" and what is "new". You cannot compare it with European antiquities. Old in Africa (from collectorīs point of view) means decades. If it is more then hundred years, it is nearly a rarity. If they get used to something nice/old and they donīt wont to get rid of it, they donīt hesitate to repair this nice "old thing" (e.g. coming from fifties) with plasitc in seventies and the museum takes it as an artefact documenting tribal life in 2020.
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