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A definite fantasy sword most likely Chinese made. So many details and main parts inaccurately portrayed. I don't know where to start, the lettering is amateurish, the quality very low and nothing points to the sword as being from any pattern.The "patina" alone points to a chemical wash. Many sand casting flaws and non descript designs. Few swords are found with their leather blade washers and fantasy swords typically have poor quality leather washers as these do.
One auction describes the sword as:
"French Gendarmerie Royale Sword with brass two bar and dish back hilt. Decorated floral back strap. Complete with its steel scabbard with decorative brass ring mounts. Steel blade with remains of ?GENDARMERIE ROYALE? wording."
When one struggles to describe such swords, the above description is what you get. Auctioneers stay clear of describing these as authentic swords. Some auctioneers will tell you low bid start price tells bidders the item is a copy/fake.
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