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Default Ottoman Turkish Dagger

I am new to the list and am looking for information or referals to who I could contact for information about a dagger I got in Dyarbakir, Turkey. It was said to be Ottoman, and I was told it was "300 years old." I had an Arabic literate friend translate blade stampings which are in classic Arabic. One side had the obligatory, "There is no God but God. Mohammad is the Prophet of God." And the other side has the Ottoman seal and what appears to be a serial number, "852" and also a date which is "133 Hidjri." This would be the dating system starting from our AD year 622. So 622 + 133 would be 755 AD. I suggested there might be a fourth illegible digit besides the "133" but my Arabic friend could see no sign of this even with a magnifier. Adding one thousand years would put the age at closer to the "1700's" as claimed.

The blade is straight, sharpened on both sides, with a bronze hilt and bronze sheath. I could send .jpg photos if anyone would be interested in looking at them.

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