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Hello Jim and thanks for your help on this intriguing piece! Still not in hand, but I'm expecting it today or perhaps tomorrow (Christmas delays and all). I still feel the chronological time period of pre-Cullodan to be accurate based on the hilt patterning, S-bar ( which seems to have faded out or at least drastically changed mid century, etc). The Weyersberg marking king's head is very distinct, is bearded and looking straight ahead (not at an angle as these king's heads are, with even a side profile of the nose being apparent). The Weyersburg stamp also lacks the shoulders (?), torso (?) or whatnot of the king's head stamp on mine. It seems we just don't have enough information on the various stamps of the Wundes "clan", nor their metamorphosis over time. Spurious mark? Perhaps, or the real deal as yet not pinned down. In any case, I feel that our little friend here is smack dab in the middle of the two Rebellions, which is fine with me! Once in hand, I will carefully study the blade to see if there are any traces of other markings. Thanks again to all viewers and comments...
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