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It turns out Ulfberth posted a half-basket sword with the exact king's head marking - here's the pics

And here's the thread-

I am not arguing as to the absoluteness of this being the Wundes mark. As I understand it, there might have been copiers of their mark. The 4 heads do appear of the pattern of Peter Wundes. As in Ulfberth's sword marking, there are no 'Andrea Ferara' lettering in between, but I'm not sure this is a deal-breaker for it not being Wundes. Just as we've seen that the different family members changed their logo over time (and they were around for an awfully long time!), I'd have to see proof that the Ferara marking was always present, especially for blades that were purely made for export-

In any case, at the very least, I think we can all agree the sword is period and not a reworking or a fake. Soon to have it in my grasp! Can't wait!

Note that Ulfberth's pictured sword is an English officer's type dating late 17th/early 18th c.
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