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Ahoy Cap'n!!
It seems things have been damnably becalmed of late in these waters! Its good to see a flare!
The sword sounds really interesting (I loves intrigue).....and I think you're on the right mark with PETER Wundes sr. and jr. as they used the kings head WITHOUT beard. The same data you have in your entry appears in "European Makers of Edged Weapons and their Marks" (Staffan Kinman) and notes these two as using the beardless kings head.

The multiples (of four) seem a convention of the Wundes'.

According to Gardner(1963) Johannes Wundes (1560-1610) used kings head and orb with 'W'.
Peter Wundes (1580-1600) used kings head.
These Wundes' were all related according to this ref.

In Wagner (1967) Johannes uses kings head (bearded) but on other blades he spells out name with cross and orb at each end and in the center was the Passau wolf. These it notes were for consignments to merchants there for swords for mercenaries of Arch Duke Leopold V.

It sounds most like Peter Wundes but hard to tell which, as they both used the beardless kings head. It sounds as if the mark was used in general by the family, and perhaps which one may have been determined by the number of heads? These guys were the only ones using them, especially multiple.
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