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Default Variations of famous Viking-era swordsmiths' names

We likely all know that the most famous makers of Viking-era (and post) were the "Ulfberht" and "Ingelrii" workshops. I have read interesting articles about swords that have alternate spellings of Ulfberht and the theories are that contemporary swordsmiths (most likely illiterate) tried to enhance the value of their blades by unintentionally misspelling the fake "maker's mark" on their blades.

There are relatively many "Ulfberht" swords, but supposedly only @20 "Ingelerii" swords. Literature usually leaves out the second "i" at the end. My question is: does anyone know of genuine swords with a variation of Ingelrii? My research in what the word could mean has led me to many interesting ends: In Latin, Ingeri is the present passive infinitive of ingero, i.e. "to be carried". In Finnish, Inkeri means a region around the southern shores of Gulf of Finland that in Viking times was controlled by the Swedes.

So, is the second most famous Viking sword "brand" not a maker's name but a status symbol or location...or are any variations fakes?
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