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Originally Posted by mahratt
Interesting. Starter asks whether there is description a similar Shamshirs in the literature . Next respected author theme makes his findings on the basis of unverified words. I am curious. Why ask the question, if you already have an opinion?

Perhaps to start is to read the book, which I recommend?

I am well aware of this book and know you lifted your attribution from it verbatim for your paper.

I think both the author of the book and you were mistaken. Nothing terrible about it, that is what this Forum is all about.

But questioning is always useful, especially when there are good reasons to do so.
There is a well-provenanced sword from Hyderabad ( see reference), then there comes Lotfy with his information about Baluchi swords in Oman...

Hopefully, we may get more info.

Dig deeper, old son:-)
We may learn something interesting:-)
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