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Thank you for all the replies and the congrats Rick

Gav , I would also like to see pictures of your lances when they are 'available' I never knew that there were blue/white pennants in the British Army....I thought all were red and white

Jim ,
thank you for the back ground ...... the vision of you in 'jousting mode' on a freeway is now stuck in my head ......I do hope you were sporting your pith helmet to complete the 'ensemble' ...... as some of the pictures show below......

These lances were used in many conflicts in Africa well as India. The Madhist uprising also saw the Lancers put to use. As far as I can tell the Lancers at the tail end of the 19th C were rarely used in European conflicts perhaps, due to the effectiveness of long range firearms....but in colonial engagements they continued to flourish.

Kind Regards David

A few pics gleamed from the web......
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