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Originally Posted by Mickey the Finn
I feel compelled to say that I am truly, very seriously impressed. A few years ago, probably resulting from overconfidence due to never having attempted it previously, I began amassing tools and materials with which to start making my own handles and warangka for goloks, knives, and machetes, as well as mendak for keris. I have yet to complete a single functional one of anything.
I'm making a number of a priori assumptions. Your name is Anthony, and based on nothing else, I assume that you are not "native" to Indonesia, and that yadda yadda… I really should know better, because there's this one other English-speaking White Man, whom if I hadn't read about in a number of places before I found this forum...
Really, really nice work, Mr. Anthony... Or maybe that wink was intended to convey some unspoken meaning... In any case, the dress is still admirable in it's workmanship.

The wink is just a mischief. I am from Singapore and live near Indonesia. This project took a few months from concept to realization. I try not to make it too flashy and took a sample of it from the actual copy in Neka museum, Bali.

I thought to share the final result/works for the world to see and appreciate modern keris making artwork which combines Balinese philosophy (my own view) and modern art work.
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