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Lightbulb Whistlinbill's Collection #1: Kris

I expect that most younger collectors, at least those in the USA, will have heard those of us with graying hair speak of times past when ethnographic arms and armour were cheap and abundant, showing up regularly at local gun shows, and consisting largely of 'orphaned' soldier and tourist bring-backs. In those times, the ethnographic arms collector likely had only one reference - Stone's Glossary.

I have received a CD of photos of one collection built up over the past forty years by a member new to these forums, but not to the world of edged weapons. The user name, whistlinbill, substitutes for a name many would recognize as an author in the field whose works we have relied upon and I suspect that will be revealed in due course.

There are dozens of group photos on the CD which, rather than to put out all at once as an overwhelming bolus, I will trickle out in a hope of maximizing comment and discussion.
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