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Hi Ian, that's a great summary and an interesting read - thank you.
Yours as well Amuk - it would be good to combine the threads.

Apart from a Hembrug and an unmarked US Model I also have an H type which I will record here.

According to Puype this sword was made by shortening the NEI Cavalary sword M.1875 and forming a clipped point. Note that the fuller runs right through the point. The hilt was reduced in weight by thinning the plate, drilling two 1.5 cm holes in the bottom of the guard and removing 2 cm of guard where it protruded towards the wearer. All metal is blued and the handle is dark wood.

The sword was in use from 1904 to approx 1920 and issued mostly to 'mounted police servants' protecting plantations and Ministry of Finance police chasing opium runners.

This blade was made by PD Luneschloss and has an inspectors stamp on each individual piece of metal - the blade and the 3 parts of the hilt assembly. It is also stamped K 2.

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