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Default Tribal Axe for discussion...

if you fall off your bike, best to get right back on.

'nother axe i just won on epray. comments and/or add'l information (date?)welcome with my thanks in advance.

Vendor's Description

"A tribal axe, with a decorated iron head, with a painted wooden handle partially covered with reptile skin, probably lizard, but possibly snake. The head is approx 5 1/4" '[13.5cm] lomg (sic), the handle just about 18" [45cm]. The iron head is decorated with geometric symbols on both sides. I'm unsure of its origin, best guess would be North Africa, possibly Tunisia. Uncertain age.

CONDITION: The head is just a little loose, but holds well, there are a few historic worm holes to thew (sic) handle, and it lacks the loop at the end of the handle. Otherwise in good antique condition, the ironj (sic) head with obvious oxydation (sic)."
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