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Well Jean, it probably depends upon the way in which we approach this idea of "tangguh".

I was taught by a man whom I, and many others, accepted as a master of the art of keris classification, and what I was taught was that if a keris was able to be truly given any specific tangguh, that tangguh was without doubt attached to the historic era, or the location, that was associated with the name.

However, many people wish to believe that tangguh is always associated with the historical era, and conveniently forget that very often a location name and an era name are the same.

It is also very easy to forget that the word "tangguh" in this context of keris classification carries the meaning of opinion.

If somebody wishes to hold the opinion that this keris we are currently looking at is however many hundred years old, I'm not going to argue with him, its his opinion and he has a right to that opinion. I might try to alter the way in which he has arrived at that opinion, but his opinion, whatever it may be, is his, and he has every right to cherish it.

Incidentally, I don't think I would call this a complex pamor, it is actually very simple and easily produced, it is just surface manipulation.
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