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Hello all,

here the answer I just received from Bali:

Dear Detlef,
Thank you for your email and the link, of course I still remember you. I try to give a small information about "tiuk pengentas", in Bali we use tiuk pengentas as one of a must thing for cremation ceremony, to open the wrap of the body we use tiuk pengentas which symbolize to open another word for the soul,and hope that the soul will get a good way. after we bring the body to cemetery, we also use tiuk pengentas to open the tie of the buffalo statue, there is a hole inside the buffalo to put the body and burning the body inside.
I hope my little explanation can give you a little information.
kindly regards,
Ketut Karang

I have asked him further questions and will post his answer here when I have received it.

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