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Originally Posted by Kubur

Is anyone knows about the magical power of centipedes in Aceh and why this animal and which kind of power it gives?



Tip: check the internet on duizendpoot (= Dutch) or lipan (Malay) for centipede. Also Atjeh, Dutch for Aceh and kris ( Dutch) for keris.

Note : Atjeh or Aceh always has been (and still is) a very strong religious region, hence I believe you will not be able to find much about magical power of centipedes over there as this is considred haram / forbidden from their perspective .
Which makes me believe ( and I might be utterly mistaken) that the origin of the magical powers has is roots not in Atjeh / Aceh but elswhere in Sumatra.
If one leaves out the "magical powers" and refers to the centipede as an example / fighting reference like it is used in pencak silat from Sumatra there might be more to it when discussing Aceh / Atjeh
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