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Originally Posted by gp
concerning the centipede: check the internet for
Klabang Sajuto Kelabang Sajuto Lipan Sajuta

The image of pamor Klabang Sajuto ( see last picture) looks like a millipede. Pamor Klabang Sajuto is also simular to pamor Naga Rangsang. The difference is that the pamor lines of pamor Klabang Sajuto are broken at the ountermost end.
The magical strength of pamor Klabang Sajuto increases the success and it is especially for those persons that have a leading position in civil or military terrain.
Pamor Klabang Sajuto is a form of pamor Miring and Rekan. It is a selected pamor motif and not suitable for everyone.

This copy & paste from The Keris Shop should perhaps best be taken with at least a small grain of salt (and should also be in quotes with source cited since it is a direct copy of text on that site). These are not pamor names that have a very long history in the keris world.
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