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Originally Posted by josh stout
I don't think I ever questioned that it was a snake. I am sure other forumites can give a more scholarly reply, but there are many keris with a naga head where the kembang kecang usually is, with a wavy tail heading up to the tip.

In martial arts (silat), snake style is for knife fighting.

It is interesting to note that it is the tail of the snake, that is the tip of the keris. Indonesian folklore has snakes that can sting with their tails.

Anyway, I enjoyed the idea that a centipede can magically replace the snake.

I'll look for some keris naga pictures. Modern examples are plentiful on Google, but it would be nice to find an earlier example. I will look on the forum.

a little bit more on silat weapons

actually its real and full name is Pencak Silat Setia Hati :

a martial art from Indonesia, where it developed into a modern sport version whilst the traditional ( "old" or perhaps better original ) version migrated 1946-1952 to the Netherlands when peoples of that archipelago came to the Netherlands and founded the first Pencak Silat Setia Hati schools for Mollucans, Indonesians and later the Dutch.

A reference was made to a snake but Pencak took a lot of inspiration from the complete animal world and hence incorporated plural styles developed from the tiger, monkey, snake (cobrasystem), frog, grasshopper, horse, crocodile, bat and crane to name a few.

concerning the centipede: check the internet for
Klabang Sajuto Kelabang Sajuto Lipan Sajuta

The image of pamor Klabang Sajuto ( see last picture) looks like a millipede. Pamor Klabang Sajuto is also simular to pamor Naga Rangsang. The difference is that the pamor lines of pamor Klabang Sajuto are broken at the ountermost end.
The magical strength of pamor Klabang Sajuto increases the success and it is especially for those persons that have a leading position in civil or military terrain.
Pamor Klabang Sajuto is a form of pamor Miring and Rekan. It is a selected pamor motif and not suitable for everyone.
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